Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Fundamentalist Gurus Fall Out

Well, that's not unusual news!  A blog post  by PZ Myers reports that Christian Sovereign Citizen, Kent Hovind, is divorcing his wife and marrying Mary Tocco who, it is reputed, is a chemtrail and anti-vax conspiracy theorist. Reading around the topic it seems that out of this affair Hovind has not only developed acrimony with his wife but also with his son Eric whose spiritual reputation has been trashed by Hovind's followers. Ken Ham's Answer in Genesis has been more than wary of Hovind's Young Earth "science" but Ham has in the past shown support toward Eric Hovind (See here). But before we conclude that Ham is perhaps just a little more measured than Hovind let's recall that Ham supports the religious crank John Mackay, a man who is so convinced of his spiritual authority that he felt qualified to accuse his secretary of necrophilia and consequently fell out with Creation Ministries International, Let's also not forget that fundamentalist Jason Lisle, supremo at the Institute for Creation Research,  probably fell out with Ken Ham.

So, all in all we have a thorny network of acrimonious relations. Knowing  how uncompromising and confident of itself the fundamentalist personality is I find this behavior all too typical. Get a set of right-wing alpha male fundamentalists together, all of whom believe in the divine authority of their opinions, not to mention the devotional spin they put on every story and you've got a huge potential for rancorous rows.  But for me these fundamentalists have lost, if indeed they ever had it in the first place, any right to be respected.  They have thoroughly debased  and squandered the content in the language of spiritual testimony. God help the gullible followers of these dominant gurus, followers who are so dependent on their perceived "spiritual superiors"!

Some relevant Youtube videos: These videos have been produced by Kent Hovind's supporters against Eric Hovind. They give a flavour of the animosity that can exist between fundamentalists. I almost started to feel sorry for Eric Hovind after viewing some of this material! Kent Hovind's supporters are out to thoroughly assassinate Eric's character as evidenced by the video titles alone!  Pastor Steve Anderson (See also here) in video 4 says of Eric "This Eric Hovind is one of the most wicked people out there!"

1. Eric Hovind; Wicked as Hell:
2. Eric Hovind, a hell bound false teacher:
3. Eric Hovind continues to steal from his Dad. 
4. Pastor Steve Anderson on Kent Hovind divorce
5. Eric Hovind gets scared by the honesty of a true Christian (Dr. Michael W. Jones)

Let the above be a warning: Avoid tangling with fundamentalists if you can; character assassination is their field of expertise!

A bit off topic is the following video which is evidence of fundamentalism's attraction to conspiracy theorism and Kent Hovind's involvement in conspiracy culture. Hovind headlines at the end of the video.

6. Dr. Hovind: Giant "Human" Skeletons Illuminati Cover up Exposed!! [Full Documentary] 2016

Putting the "fun" in  "fundy": 
But is it  "funny haha!" or "funny peculiar"?

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